Tridion Sites 9.5 Search

Why SDL Tridion Sites Search


SDL Tridion Sites now ships with out-of-the-box support for Elasticsearch-based search for published content, helping you find published content within pages, components and binaries. You can also search for content from SDL Tridion Docs, providing federated
search capabilities across both unstructured and structured content. People searching on your website or other digital channels can now find all the relevant information quickly and easily, without the need to perform multiple searches across your marketing content or
in-depth product and service information.

  • Customers currently have to implement their own solution ( SI4T or custom Deployer extension)
  • Optimized for SDL Tridion Sites data model
  • Makes use of existing Elasticsearch infrastructure (XO and Tridion Docs search) – upgraded to Elasticsearch 7
  • Exposed through existing Content Service ( GraphQL)
  • Predefined Content Service
  • Configurable using profile
  • Uses Data pipeline ( requires existing sites content to be re-published
# Content Service
# broker: default
profile to enable broker results
# search: enables search${springprofilesactive:broker,search)

GraphQL Search

  • New root queries to support search across both Sites & Docs
  • Supports combining results with broker
  • Supports cursor based pagination




SDL Tridion Docs + Tridion Sites

  • Find matching content across Tridion Docs Technical & Tridion Sites marketing publications
  • Retrieve matching topics & pages
  • Response will include matches across both namespace