Tridion Sites 9.5 Semantic Data Publishing Models

Publishing Model

New data publishing capabilities allow you to define – at the content schema level – which fields need to be published to DXD, as well as which ones are searchable. This highly granular control over what data is transferred to DXD adds extra security to your

Data Publishing

Publish content as structured date ( JSON) next to the existing rendered content

Standard data model – no need in data modifications or custom tem

Benefits of Data Publishing

  • It is enabler for strongly typed models that we will cover today as well as Tridion Sites search – out of the box search on content delivery side .
  • Data publishing is a publishing content as structure data in JSON format next to existing rendered content
  • We use standard data model so no need in data modifications or any custom template

New field properties for the Schema

Applicable for semantic content models

Each Schema field will have checkbox to specify

  • if it should be published
  • if it should be indexed on DXD

General Settings for Schema

  • Possibility to exclude item from publishing or indexing
  • Applicable for Component Schema , Metadata Schema and Multimedia Schema

ECL data publishing

  • Connectors defines if binary should be included or passed by reference
  • External metadata fields are always published and indexed

Template-less publishing: future is near

  • Before SDL Tridion 9.5 – contains static and dynamic components
  • Data publishing is template-less publishing – no more templates . All components and or dynamic
  • Template resolving behavior is still preserved
  • Possibility to not specify a template